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What to use for healing your new tattoo

As we all know most artists have a different idea of how to heal your new tattoo. Well it comes down to alot of factors, 1.What type of tattoo did you get 2. how big was the new tattoo 3. What you do for work 4. If you are allergic to any type of healing ointment.

Ok so first did you get color or black/grey if color it will react different to ointments if you overload it it will basicly give your tattoos holidays (Empty ink spots) and you don't want that. So color I reccomend aquaphor for both black/grey and color tattoos very light almost nothing at all 2-3 times a day for your new tattoo. Wash it in the morning and at night with a mild antibacterial soap use you hand really carefully rub in soap. Let dry for 10 min and put light coat of aquaphor on your new tattoo. That is it for lotion and soap do this for a week than switch to a mild lotion.

Just because the new tattoo is big does not mean it needs more less is always better

As for work if you are working in a very dirty job cover the new tattoo with long sleeves if tattoo is on arm, pants if tattoo is on leg etc.

Do a test area to make sure you are not allergic to the lotion you are about to use on your new tattoo.

Thanks for reading have a wonderful day

Memory lane Tattoo Co.


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