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Christopher M. Ziebell

My name is Christopher Ziebell...  I have been tattooing for 21 years and body piercing 10 years. I specialize in black and grey, color, cover-ups, fine-line, traditional and everything in between. I owned a shop in Madison Wisconsin for 5 years and sold it to one of my artists so my wife (Sarah) and I  could pursue a life in Florida.

Here at Memory Lane Tattoo Co., we are in the business of beautifying your body in the best way possible. To the utmost standards of the industry, using brand new needles on every client, adhering to hospital standards on our sterilization process. With the use of our autoclave sterilizer which is regulated in the state of Florida every year.


We here at Memory Lane Tattoo Co, Specialize in custom designs, cover-ups, flash designs (Off the wall art) or bring in your own design and we will to the utmost ability give you the best possible tattoo/piercing you have been wanting. 


Artist 2. T.B.D



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